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We are ready to give you advice and guidance in all accountancy areas as a company. 

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About Us

Who we are?

Accurate accountant established in 2010,small firm with its  honest and friendly service. Set up by Yilmaz Guccuk after graduating with Accountancy and Business studies in 2003 in London. 

Working with accountancy practices for five years,trusting hes in depth experience within accountancy he decided to create hes own company in 2010. He become a fellow member of IFA in 2011. 

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Service We Provide

Are you looking for an accountant to improve your profit & performance as a business?
We’re here to help...
We are an innovative company to help you and your business lead to success. We believe that an accountant having many aspects other than just calculations and outlining how well the business is doing. As a business we guarantee to provide our work up to the best possible standards. We provide a range of services and as a company are ready to help you and your business. Satisfying our clients is a major aspect that we believe in. Our Accounting & Taxation services provided will spare you with more time for your business.

Income Tax & VAT

Income Tax is a Tax on income. We shouldn’t forget that not all income is Taxable and only taxed on Taxable income. Certain allowances could also lead to changing the tax to be paid.


Accounts within accounting is preparing your calculations and analyse the status of the business.

As accurate accountant we are a friendly firm ready to help you with your business issues.


Payroll is a company’s sum of employee financial wages, salaries, deductions, bonuses etc. This is the amount paid to the employees during certain period of time.


As Accurate Accountant we provide a bookkeeping service. This process involves the recording of transactions within the business such as money in/out, receipts,invoices,sales etc.


We as an accountant want to make sure that we provide the best and full support to you and your business.

Business & Company Issues

If you are considering to start-up a new business or company we as Accurate Accountant are here to help...

Why Choose Us

We Have 14 Years of Experience in Financial Management

Our business has a good reputation with its accountancy and business services. We are ready to build a strong relationship with our clients and deliver them trustworthy work.

We try to satisfy our clients with an efficient service and help the success of their business.

The best service and attention is passed over to our clients.

Don't Hesitate to Consult Now, We Provide The Best Service!

Developing your potential...

Ready to provide you with the best unique service along accountancy. We are a dedicated team ready to help you with existing problems and new business issues. 

We take care of clients wants & expectations, helping small and big business issues.

For all help and quality advice, our consulations are free of charge.

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