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About Us

Principal Accountant

Accurate accountant established in 2010,small firm with its  honest and friendly service. Set up by Yilmaz Guccuk after graduating with Accountancy and Business studies in 2003 in London. 

Working with accountancy practices for five years,trusting hes in depth experience within accountancy he decided to create hes own company in 2010. He become a fellow member of IFA in 2011.

As Accurate accountant we aim to develop the success of our clients and provide a professional service. We make sure our key values are important and successfully grown a good client base. 

The close realtionship we have with our clients is very important and we take extra care on your wants and needs from us. First class service as well as passing forward in depth advice to you. 

About Us

Why Choose us..

Certain aspects are very important with your accountant. We are ready to provide work according to how you like it...


  • We will sort out all your paperwork 
  • Help your business succeed and pay less tax
  • Fixed fees
  • Tax review about your business
  • All work prepaperd in framed time
  • Client care is an important aspect we take notice of
  • Choice of fee arrangements and payments are available
  • Unlimited free meetings & phone support

    Our wide range of services we provide as an accountancy company will be ready to help your business to the greatest.

    As a company...

    -We use technology and IT for business efficiency and help provide the best service.

-Help save you and your business  money

-Keep your records and update you with the state of your business

-Outline you with the current state/past states of your business

-Increase business profit

-Help expansion of the business and lead to growth

-Reduce tax liability to the minimum through tax planning.

Our Team

Meet Our Expert Team

We consist of a number of accounting services as a team.

We manage accounts and businesses as an accountant. 

Accountancy tasks are almost endless, completing your paper work will lead to us relieving you with spare time. 

Our Team

Our Profile

Since the establishment of the business we make sure that we run an honest and friendly business to help maintain our clients success.

Our clients details are kept personal,also making sure that our staff is there to help you with your problems and support you at all times. Clients questions and issues could easily be solved.

Accurate Accountant guarantee's that:


  • Work will be dealt with on time
  • You will have full support about your work and direct contact will be available to who deals with your accounts
  • You will be able to visit when you wish
  • Problems and affairs could be discussed and we are ready to make changes if possible
  • Work will be checked more than once to guarantee the service and calculations.

Transferring accountants

-This is a smooth process which will involve professional courtesies of writing a letter to your accountant and and confirming that you will be transferring to us and that this reason does not involve any professional reasons.

-This is the formality so that your existing accountant can send us the relevant documents and information to be changed or worked over.

-To become our client we will need a copy of your identity also existing documents if you are an existing business.

Detailed information will be given to you at the meeting...